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Molecular Screening Shared Resource

Delivering High Throughput Screening to the UCLA Research Community

High-Throughput Screening | Drug Discovery | Functional Genomics

The MSSR has automated equipment and data collection that make it possible to test about 30,000 compounds (or more) on a system of interest in about a day

Molecular Screening Shared Resource

The MSSR provides a comprehensive range of high-throughput screening (HTS) services including chemical genomics, functional genomics, and drug discovery.


For compounds screens, data points are in singlets. For functional genomics screens we use duplicates. We typically utilize 384 well plates but are flexible in this regard. We can accomodate any plate type ranging from 96 to 1536 well plates. Specialty plates can be handled as well on an as-needed base. We have special rates for consumables with many vendors based on the volume we use. These reduced rates are passed on directly to our screeners.

Please do not let the cost of screening deter you from discussing your assay and interest with MSSR personnel. Limited funds may be available for proposed screens.

Internal Rate
External Rate
Assay Development $3082.00 $582.55 $3082.00
Small molecule screening (up to 100k) $2684.00 $507.33 $2684.00
Small molecule screening (additional 100k) $3771.00 $712.79 $3771.00
shRNA screening (human – per sublibrary) $2963.00 $560.06 $2963.00
siRNA screening (human genome wide) $2963.00 $560.06 $2963.00
siRNA screening (mouse genome wide) $2963.00 $560.06 $2963.00
Full genome cDNA screening $2813.00 $531.71 $2813.00
Access to clones (cDNA) $59.00 $11.15 $59.00
Full technical support (per hour) $32.39 $32.36 $32.39
Data analysis (per hour) $155.00 $29.30 $155.00